Accura Diamond Tools

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Concrete / Stone Chainsaw

Part No. Power HP CC Max Cut Weight
613GC Petrol 5.7 80 350mm 9.5kg
613GC Petrol 6.5 101 400mm 12.5kg
Concrete Chainsaw

Cutting Advantages

  • Deep cuts & plunge cuts no kickback
  • Square cuts and corner cuts
  • Cuts tight spaces
  • Cuts small holes (76mm x 76mm)
  • Steerable to cut arcs on stone and paving slabs etc

Replacement chains, guide bars and hydraulic models are also available on request.

680ES Petrol-Powered Concrete Chain Saw

Features and Benefits:
Polyester air filter designed specifically for wet cutting
Operates FORCE3™ bar and chain consumables up to 14” (35cm)
Multifunction lever controls choke, throttle advance, run and stop modes
Extended drive sprocket adapter offers easy chain assembly
Deep cutting solution for obstructed or small openings
Cut squares as small as 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm)
Easy-to-start in all weather

695XL Petrol-Powered Concrete & Utility Pipe Chain Saw

Features and Benefits:
Use on concrete, stone, masonry, ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe and more
Most versatile petrol-powered saw
New piston and cylinder lowers engine temperature
Longer life muffler with reinforced internal baffle
Easy-to-start with higher energy ignition system
New easy-to-tune carburetor

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