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Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

What is HAVS?

  • It is a disorder which affects the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm
  • It can become disabling if ignored
  • Also known as "White Finger"

Signs To Look Out For

  • Tingling and numbness in fingers
  • Painful fingers in cold and wet, fingers white, then blue, then red
  • Can't feel things with fingers - difficult to pick up small objects ie; nails and screws
  • Pain - numbness in hand, wrists and arms which may disturb sleep
  • Loss of strength in hands

Who Is At Risk?

  • Anyone who regularly uses hand-held power tools
  • Symptoms will probably get worse if you continue to use high vibration tools a lot

How Can I Prevent It?

  • Ask employer if your job could be done in a different way
  • Use low vibration tools
  • Always use right tool for the job
  • Always make sure tools are maintained and repaired
  • Make sure cutting tools are kept sharp
  • Make sure when selecting diamond blades, that you're using the correct blade for the material
  • Reduce time you use tool in one go, do other jobs in between
  • Avoid gripping / Forcing tool more than you have to
  • Store tools in dry / warm environment avoiding cold handles
  • Keep warm and dry ( wear gloves, hats, waterproofs)
  • Give up or cut down on smoking
  • Massage and exercise your fingers during work break
  • Learn to identify signs of vibration injury
  • Report any symptoms to your employer and doctor
  • Ask your health and safety representative for advice
  • Use any control measures your employer has put in place

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