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Plumbing Tools

Jaw Dropper Wrench

For tightening taps without isolating the water supply. Adjustable jaws allow you to work on the pipe union nut and tap back nut with the same wrench. Set contains one wrench for basins and one for baths.

Jaw Dropper Wrench
  1. Sliding jaw locked in position to allow tightening / removal of pipe union nut
  2. Sliding jaw dropped to allow tightening of tap back nut with out having to turn off water supply or drain system
  • Slim design ensures maximum accessibility
  • Adjustable handles give maximum leverage as well as enabling use of jaws at either end of wrench
  • The sliding handle channel means the handle can be easily repositioned
  • Flat head screwdriver fitting on reverse of jaws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the jaws
  • Different jaws at either end of the wrench cover a wide range of nut sizes
  • In the closed position the bottom half of the jaw acts as a stop when tightening / removing union nut
Product Description Part Number
Jaw Dropper Access Wrench DSPSETJD1

PHI Wrench Set

5 Piece Plumbing and Heating installation wrench set. Contains wrenches for carrying out isolator installation, radiator dressing and boiler installation.

Product Description Part Number

Please note that wrenches are not sold separately. As well as four wrenches the set also contains a standard bleed key.

Isolator Valve Wrench

Isolator Valve Wrench

Hexagon End: For tightening or removal of blanking plugs and bleed valve housings. Cranked design keeps wrench away from radiator edge preventing damage. Full hexagon allows location on shallow fittings. Isolator Grabber: For the retention of isolating valves while union nuts are tightened. Retains the isolating valve by the screw boss instead of using grips.

Radiator Wrench

Radiator Wrench

Hex Wrench End: HEX WRENCH for use on fittings with internal hexagon. SQUARE WRENCH for use on bleed valve plugs Spanner End: Wrench for use on fittings with external square. Wrench allows easy positive location on radiator fittings with an external square.

Boiler Wrench

Boiler Wrench

For the tightening or loosening of the hard to access fittings on the underside of modern combi-boilers. Also fits large union nuts. The close proximity of pipe work under modern combi-boilers makes it difficult to get a conventional spanner onto the union nuts and tighten them. The slim design of the Boiler Wrench makes it much easier.

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrench will open to 24mm for union nuts. A 24mm gap opening is not usually available on a short compact adjustable wrench.

Armeg Wood Beaver

Armeg Wood Beaver

With its all new quad-flute & quad cutting head design, the WoodBeaver really represents the next generation of Wood-Bit Drill Design.

Wood Beaver Set

Wood Beaver - Next Generation Wood Drill

  • Ultra-Smooth and Balanced Cutting Action
  • Rapid Drilling Action
  • Extreme Durability
  • Exceptionally Clean Breakthrough
  • Maximising Holes per Charge
Product Description Part Number
10mm Wood Beaver WWB10.0T
12mm Wood Beaver WWB12.0T
13mm Wood Beaver WWB13.0T
16mm Wood Beaver WWB16.0T
18mm Wood Beaver WWB18.0T
19mm Wood Beaver WWB19.0T
20mm Wood Beaver WWB20.0T
22mm Wood Beaver WWB22.0T
25mm Wood Beaver WWB25.0T
32mm Wood Beaver WWB32.0T
3 Piece Wood Beaver Set WWB3PCSET
4 Piece Wood Beaver Set WWB4PCSET

Set Contains: 1 x 16, 20, 25, 32mm Wood Beaver

Stubby Wood Beaver

120mm length design.

Stubby Wood Beaver / SDS Apaptor

Wood Beaver - SDS Plus Adaptor

Product Description Part Number
1/4" Wood Beaver SDS Adaptor SDS1/4WB055
7/16" Wood Beaver SDS Adaptor SDS7/16WB090

1/4" Adaptor for use in 10 to 25mm Wood Beaver 7/16" Adaptor for use in 32mm Wood Beaver

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