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Porcelain Tile Drilling

Problems Drilling Porcelain Tiles....not anymore!

Turbo Core

AccurA Diamond have researched the most efficient way to drill porcelain tiles and other hard materials including ceramic.

Whether you are a professional tiler, plumber or a D.I.Y enthusiast AccurA have the solution for you. Drill fixing sizes and large pipe diameters with ease and accuracy. For further information contact AccurA Diamond.

Turbo Core

Turbo Core is a great new addition to products available from AccurA Diamond Tools!

Turbo Core is available in Fixing sizes 6mm and 8mm only and achieving 30-75 holes per bit in Grade 5 Porcelain tiles used wet only.

Porcelain Drilling

Please note: Also suitable for ceramic / soft tiles.

For the Professional Plumber / Tiler

Large Diameter Crowns for:

  • Copper Pipes (19mm, 26mm & 36mm)
  • Waste Pipes (44mm, 52mm, 58mm, 70mm & 80mm)
  • Soil Pipes (up to 117mm)

Also available:

  • Large Diameter Drill Bits
  • 5 Litre Water Pressure Pump
  • Small Diameter Drill Bits
Porcelain Drill Accessories

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