Wiggy Wednesday Supports XIA-GIBBS Syndrome this September

Posted on September 13 2021

Wiggy Wednesday Supports XIA-GIBBS Syndrome this September

Wiggy Wednesday raises money for cancer charities in Ireland 10 months of the year and the other 2 months we raise much needed funds for guest charities.  September 2021 is a guest month and we will be raising money for the XIA-GIBBS SYNDROME.


Xia-Gibbs Syndrome (‘XGS’) is a very rare, newly-discovered genetic syndrome in which the AHDC1 gene is mutated or missing.  While only a small number of people have been diagnosed with XGS so far, it is likely there are thousands affected worldwide.  XGS is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which means it affects the way the brain and nervous system function and the way the individual develops.  Find Out More

September 12th to 19th is XIA-GIBBS SYNDROME Awareness Week. 

Instead of Wiggy Wednesday where we put funny wigs on to raise money we will be putting our bright t-shirts/jumpers on this Friday 17th September. 

You can get involved by donating HERE

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