Armeg Box Sinker Complete Set - EBS TCINST SET

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      Electricians and Renovators- Incredible Time Saver cut a Square hole in just 2 Minutes
      Armeg EBS Box Sinker Complete Set (EBS TCINST SET) - enables you to cut single and double socket box holes in  brickwork in under 2 minutes!

      This Armeg box sinking kit features Armeg's revolutionary Tri-cut round cutter that provides unbelievable performance in the hardest materials, whilst still offering maximum user comfort.
      Dustless shroud does a great job in dust containment

      1. Drill a 6mm pilot hole in the wall.
      2. Remove the majority of the material using the Tri-cut round cutter to the required depth.
      3. Square off the hole by using either the square cutter or double square cutter in soft materials e.g. medium density concrete block and soft brick, or the 80mm chisel in hard materials e.g. engineering brick.
      4. Use the 30mm channelling chisel to run accurate channels in seconds!
      The set includes:
      • 1 X Tri-Cut round cutter with dust collection.
      • 1 X EBS single socket box cutter.
      • 1 X EBS double socket box cutter.
      • 1 X Armeg EBS 80mm hard material chisel.
      • 1 X Armeg 30mm channelling chisel.
      • 5 X 6.0mm SDS plus hammer drill bit.
      • 1 X double hole spacing template.
      • Supplied with durable carry case.

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