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      Tight access Nail Proof Turbo Wood Drill Bit

      These Armeg Nail Proof Bi-Metal Wood Beaver Bits are perfectly suited to drilling in nail-embedded wood.

      Their short 120mm length makes them ideal for working in tight, confined spaces. When running a cable or pipe across the run of the joists, hitting the occasional nail is almost certain. The design of the HSS cutting head means the performance of the Wood Beaver is unaffected after hitting a nail. Tough and durable, these Wood Beaver bits offer a long, effective tool life.

      A screw point self-feeds the drill bit through wood reducing effort. The 4 flutes and 4 cutting edges result in rapid cutting with fast waste removal. The 4 cutting spurs ensure a clean breakthrough.

      Designed especially for cordless drills, the short body length greatly reduces friction when drilling, maximising holes per charge. The 1/4" hex shank ensures these bits are easy to change in a chuck or hex bit holder.

      The set includes 16, 20 and 25mm plus 1/4" hex to SDS+ adaptor and storage case.

      This is a great tool choice for tradesmen working in tight spaces such as Roofers and Plumbers and Electricians where access is tight 

      Key Features

      • Strong cutting head, unaffected even after hitting a nail
      • 4 cutting teeth ensures exceptionally clean breakthrough
      • 4 deep flutes rapidly remove wood chips for faster drilling
      • Designed maximising holes per charge when using cordless drill
      • Extreme durability, fast, accurate drilling
      • 120mm long ideal for drilling between joists
      • Bi-metal cutting head for longer life
      • 1/4" hex shank for rapid bit changes
      • 16, 20 and 25mm plus 1/4" hex to SDS+ adaptor and storage case

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