Makinex MS 100 Mixing Station


  • Product Description

      The Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 (previously known as the SmartMixx) is the ultimate mixing solution for self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies, producing a perfect mix every time. This Mixer has a timer and allows the operative /contractors to do other jobs while the batch is mixing. This mixer is so compact if fits through a standard door.

      "Designed by Contractors for Contractors" - gets the job done in half the time.  

      Features & Benefits

      • Mix up to 100kg (220lbs) batches hands free in 3 minutes.
      • Removable dust splash and bucket to keep the job clean. 
      • Lightweight with easy tilt for precision when pouring.
      • Universal Clamp Mechanism
      • Wide Pour
      • Easy to use
      • Doesn’t create a lot of mess
      • Does the job quicker
      • It saves up to 8 hours of labour
      • Dismantles and transports easily
      • Less waste
      • Precision pouring

      **Paddle Mixer Not included but please look up paddle mixers on this site.

      The Makinex Mixing Station provides excellent value and pays for itself quickly – saving time on jobs and labour costs.

      If you would like to speak with a memeber of the AccurA Team please call us on        01 6105055 or email

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