Rubi Sponge Float Pro 24988


  • Product Description

      The RUBI PRO sponge float with plastic handle is ideal for general cleaning of all types of surfaces, particularly for the cleaning that ceramic tile fitters have to carry out after fitting, like grouting.

      The HIDRO high absorption sponge is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane; its high level of absorption and excellent abrasion resistance make it ideal for cleaning all surfaces, especially the coarsest ones. Its use with acid-based products is not recommended.

      The plastic handle of the sponge float has a square cross-section and is carefully ergonomically designed to offer the user the best possible comfort during use. Both the sheet and the handle are injected from one part, giving the whole tool a greater strength and durability.

      The sponge of the float has dimensions of 28 x 14 cm is 3 cm thick, meaning that a large surface can be covered with every soak and drain

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