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Silicon Carbide UNIVERSAL SEMI FLEXIBLE DISC 115mm 16/40/60 Grits - 5 Pack

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115mm DRONCO/OSBORN  Semi Flexible Grinding Discs (SOLD in 5 Pack Only)

Silicon carbide. 24 Grit. For rapid stock removal from masonry. Greatly increased surface area over standard grinding discs. Grinding of stone, mild steel and stainless steel, aluminium and plastic,

Semi Flexible discs are a thicker, more rigid version of the fibre discs. They are usually used for coarse grinding, We carry  grit 16 , 40 and 60 but can arrange in between please contact the office for a tailored request. The dished surface of the discs makes them ideal for grinding curved edges and for sculpture. 
They have ventilation holes to keep the disc cooler, and help eject the dust. When the discs are warmed up, they acquire a degree of flexibility which makes them easy and comfortable to work with.

If you would like to discuss this item further or explore other options outside this scope then please do speak with a member of the AccurA Team, who’ll be happy to give you expert advice, please call 016105055 or email


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