Tungsten Carbide Ripper blade - EDR.1


  • Product Description

      The EDR.1 Tungsten Carbide Ripper blade 300mm is designed to cut most construction materials a diamond blade cannot cut. It features laser slots in the blank to reduce vibration and noise and unlike a diamond blade, this ripper blade is non directional and should be turned around after two cuts to 'self sharpen' allowing the tungsten carbide to retain its cutting shape. When cutting damp wood, hard wood or wood with high amounts of sap - it is recommended to turn the blade after each cut to ensure the blade stays sharp.


      Tree roots through soil, Railway sleepers, Decking, Timber fence posts, Chipboard, PE polyethylene plastic PP & polypropylene plastic, General plastics & rubber, Thin metal sheets, Tyre's, Wood board and planks.

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