AccuDrill Porcelain Tile Drill Bits M14 Dry (Grinder) 6mm - 125mm


  • Product Description

      6mm to 15mm Wax Filled M14 Dry (Grinder) and Hex For Drills and Larger are Hollow up from 15mm to 125mm - Pricing starts at 6mm and goes up according to the required mm.

      Dry Drill Bits 

      Largest selection of diamond dry drill bits and adapters. 

      • Standard lengths and mm. 
      • Can use with Angle Grinder, Battery Operated Drill and Electrical Drill
      • Drills Hardest Materials
      • High Diamond Content
      • Drills Grade 5 Porcelain, Stone and Glass
      • Premium Product providing results you can Stand Over

      Not sure which drill bit to go with Contact our team for advice 

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