Bartell BCF 2150 Forward Plate Compactor


  • Product Description

      Bartell forward plates are innovative, hard hitting, and low maintenance.

      • Robust throttle controls – conveniently mounted throttle controls standard on every piece of compaction in our lineup
      • Retractable Wheel kits – make it much easier to move your equipment to the site. Flip them down and roll. T
      • Lifting bales – Maybe your work site is far off the beaten path? Every plate has a robust lifting bale to make it easier to move your equipment when a wheel kit won’t do
      • Close to the Edge – Need to compact close to an edge? You can get right up against it with our straight-edge plate design
      • Sealed belt guards – Sometimes a single rock is all it takes to throw a belt. Our new sealed cover design keeps rocks out and still cools properly


      • Engine Honda GX160
      • Length 44’ (1100mm)
      • Width 20’ (500mm)
      • Height 33’ (825mm)
      • Plate Size 20’ x 21’ (500 x 525m)
      • Travel Speed 66 - 85 ft/min, 20 - 25 m/min

      • Product Details