AccuDrill (PST) Precision Tile Drill Bit 3 Part Pack


  • Product Description

      Perfect for softer tile drilling and more occasional hole drilling in tile

      Soft Tile Drills are ideally designed to be used in soft tiles and ceramic tiles and are ideal when drilling fixing holes

      • Zinc coated for a rust-proof finish
      • Point ground tip design provides added grip on start-up to reduce slippage and tile damage
      • Tungsten carbide tip allows the drill bit to easily penetrate through softer tiles

      Some customers claim to use these on softer porcelain with great effect, however, we do not encourage for use on porcelain unless you are restricted to a very tight budget.

      Comes packaged in clear wallet with two tile drill bits and one masonry bit of equal diameter for follow through in sub wall.  

      PST Drill Bits Grid of Materials

      Note: For use with Rotary Only. 

      Any queries?  Don't hesitate to contact the AccurA Team on 01 6105055 or email

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