ACD PFK -AccuDrill Pro Fixing Kit


  • Product Description

      For the Professional Tiler, Plumber, DIY Perfectionist who needs reliability and accuracy.

      Pro Fixing Kit

      Drill Perfect Holes in Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic and Stoneware for Fixings with no errors

      Drills up to 100 holes plus

      AccuDrill Pro Fixing Kit includes

      • 01 x 1 .5Litre Pressure Bottle & Tube
      • 01 x Suction Drill Guide
      • 01 x ACD WDFS Cartridge  -  02 x 06mm Drill Bit, 02 x 08mm Drill Bit, 01 x 10mm Drill Bit

      Refill Drill Bit Pack:

      AccuDrill Wet Diamond Fixing Set - Use to Refill and Replenish ACD PFK Pro Fixing Kit

       Set Includes

      • 02 x 06mm Drill Bit
      • 02 x 08mm Drill Bit
      • 01 x 10mm Drill Bit
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