ARMEG CH6SETELHEX 5pc Bi Metal Hole Saw Kit

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      Popular Diameters and Adaptors all in one great kit.

      Ideal working in metal enclosures, trunking, cabinets, cladding, switchgear, woodwork, Formica and panelling. Off-Set tooth design creates clearance and minimises the chances of “jamming” or “snagging” in materials being drilled. Includes 1 x 20/25/64/73mm hole saw, 1 x 9.5mm hexagon shank arbour and 1 x 13mm hexagon shank arbour

      • · Standard Hole saw thread patterns
      • · Slotted body design allows removal of awkward material slugs
      • · Bi-Metallic material structure featuring HSS material tooth specification
      • · With multiple drilling capabilities
      • · Bi-Metallic hole saws can be used in steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous, wood and plastic

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