ALDS 390L- AL Drill Stand

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      ALDS 390L- AL Drill Stand

      Light, easy to handle, robust and very stable.
      Thanks to the light aluminium construction (with extra steel gear bar mounted) they are easy to transport and give high working comfort.
      With our core drill rigs you are very well equipped.
      The machine fixing and machine handle is suitable for almost every European standardised machine.
      Quick change machine mounting and release system.

      Precision roller guidance with fine adjustment

      Spirit Levels / Tilt capability with scale

      Can be fixed with Vacuum Base

      Max Capacity     350mm + Spacer Block 500mm

      Weight               15.6kg

      Dimensions        L280 x W185 x H1000mm

      Stroke                100mm

      Ideal for most typical applications with rig-mounted motors up to Ø352 mm.
      • Crank handle can be used as a wrench
      • Use anchoring plate and fixing kit for fixing the drill stand with a drop in anchor
      • Or use vacuum pump and vacuum base (anchoring plate still required) for fixing drill stand without anchor*
      For more information and a competitive quote, please contact a  member of the AccurA Team of experts on 016105055 or email
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