HS CSS- Continuous Turbo Side Spoke Blade Fast Cut


  • Product Description

      The HS CSS is a continuous Blade with Side Spokes to give side clearance protection for cutting hard  and medium abrasive material, the vented High Tensile core ensures stability with no fluttering when cutting larger clusters of aggregate within the material being cut. The careful placement of holes keeps the blade cool without the need to use water.

      This blade is for cutting only and shouldn't be used to rectify cuts by side grinding.

      The HS CSS has proven a very worthy blade in fast efficient cutting for Electrical wall cable chasing 

      This Blade is available in five diameters for use on angle grinders and wall chasing machines 115mm, 125mm, 150mm and 230mm we also have in 300mm for Petrol/Electric Concrete Cut Off saws

      Application: All Concrete Types, Natural Stone Hard, Medium, soft and abrasive stone types such as Limestone, Sandstone and some granite variant's,

      If you would like to know more about this blade or other products then please contact us  016105055 or email info@accura.ie


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