Cedima P6000 Heavy Duty Drill Stand 800mm Diameter Capacity


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      Cedima P6000 Heavy Duty Drill Stand 800mm Diameter Capacity

      Cedima offers an effective drilling technology for the varying fields of application in the core drilling technology. The product line includes drill columns with all necessary accessories as well as drilling motors or drill trailers. For being able to adapt to the different requirements and drilling conditions the Cedima drill columns can be equipped with different components.

      • stainless steel drill column 80 x 80 mm with 570 mm drilling stroke, with longer drill columnup to 1570 mm
      • integrated diagonal drilling joint in galvanised steel dowel foot
      • carriage made of aluminium with integrated fine feed (1:4) and motor mounting plate type „dove tail “
      • well sized 4-armed hand wheel, to be mounted on both sides
      • carriage guidance by heavy-duty ball bearings and brass contact surfaces
      • durable foot screws made of stainless steel in exchangeable threaded inserts made of brass

      Recommended Max Drill Diameter 600mm

      Extender Plate Max Drill Diameter 800mm

      Drill  90°-45° Tilt Function

      Auto Feed Available

      NO vacuum Fixing possible

      Pipe Drilling Available

      Height 995mm Width 365mm Length 435mm

      Weight 28.5Kg/32Kg

      Max. drill-Ø for drill column with different drill motors

      Weka DK52 500mm

      Weka SE 75  900mm

      DR Bender/Golz BBM33 L Extra 450mm

      Should you have any questions regarding drill stands, drill motors or the cores then please contact our Experts for advice and assistance. 016105055 info@AccurA.ie
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