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ADP-UNCF-BSPF Adaptor 1 1/4"UNCF - 1/2"BSP F Reducer

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This adaptor allows Core Drills which only have a  1 1/4" UNC Male thread accepting larger Core Bits to reduce down to receive 1/2" BSP common to small diameter wet / dry crowns and dry core drill bits. Common to Weka DK09/DK17 models

Now you can drill small diameter  crowns up to 40mmm with the inner 1/2"BSP Female thread and dry core drill bits but may also need 1/2"M-ADPK-1/2"M adaptor from this site. 

Be sure to check your drill model before ordering and identify it matches that of the image, this can be done by examining the inner connection of your Drill Motor Connect. 

For further information contact our Expert in the AccurA Team by phone 016105055 or email 

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