Husqvarna VP 200- Vacuum Pump Diamond Drill Rig Suction Pump

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  • Product Description

       For Secured Fixing of Core Drill Stand on Finished Flat Surfaces. No Drilling Needed 

      The VP200 is an essential must when wet diamond drilling repeat holes in concrete and similar flat, horizontal, non-porous surfaces.

      Using a vacuum pump on such surfaces often negates the need to anchor bolt a drill column in place before drilling, saving considerable amounts of time, money and mess/making good

      The VP200 is compact, easy to carry, easy to use and highly efficient. Simply connect the vacuum to the vacuum fitting on a drill stand, engage/power up the vacuum pump, wait a few seconds and you're ready to go! And when you're done, simply disconnect the vacuum, move your drill stand to its desired location, connect and enagage your vacuum pump, and you're ready to go again!

      The VP200 is supplied with pressure gauge, 2m length of hose and an air bleeder.

      • Air flow of 200 l/min under vacuum at 0.9 bar
      • Carry handle
      • Robust protective frame 

      MPN 544929004
      Voltage 110V Electric
      Power 0.55kW/0.75Hp
      Max. vacuum 0.9 bar
      Weight 19kg


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