Lissmac Compact Cut 501E/601E-3 Phase Electric Floorsaw 420mm Depth

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  • Product Description

      Lissmac Electric 3 Phase Large Floor Saw 
      • Particular compact design 
      • Lowering and lifting of the saw blade is hydraulic and continuous. This prevents damage to the saw blade.
      • Clear and ergonomic design of controls.
      • Saw hood foldable at the front for overcuts
      • Patented flush-mounted sawing system with 31.50 inch wall-mounted cover (optional) and wall-mounted saw blade holder
      • The rear wheel sits outside the saw cut. This makes it easy to re-cut kerfs.
      • Left and right cut possible
      • The low centre of gravity and the exact distribution of the weight on the axles ensure stability and excellent straight-line cut
      • Adjustable continuous feed system with differential
      • Locking brake
      • Cut depth display
      • Stable dipstick in H-shape
      • Continuous saw blade shaft with V-belt drive
      • Saw blade excavation via low-maintenance rocker design



      400V / 32A                  15 KW

      Blade Max Ø 1000mm/Cut Depth 420mm

      Left /Right side Cut- Rapid Change

      Flush Cut




      400V / 32A                  22 KW

      Blade Max Ø 10000mm/Cut Depth 420mm

      Left /Right side Cut- Rapid Change

      Flush Cut


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