Sigma Manual Tile Cutter SIG 50-Art 5 50cm


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      50cm Sigma5 50cm Pull Handle Tile Cutter

      Sigma Tile Cutters have gained a solid reputation amongst the Irish Tiling Contractors. This is down to Reliability, AccurAcy and Durability.  

      The change from scoring to breaking position is achieved by a small vertical movement of the hand-grip. Broad tile support table, with the advantage of measurement is conveniently close to the operator. Double registration provides regulation for cutting thickness. The swiveling measurement bar supporting the tile rotates through 45 degrees in both directions and is pivoted at the center of the cutting line, allowing cutting the real measurement of the piece. The second measurement scale gives the length of the diagonal. Rapid positioning button makes the main angles immediately available.


      • Easy grip pull handle
      • Swiveling measurement bar in inches for diagonal cuts
      • Adjustable spring loaded table
      • Cuts material between 1/16" and 3/4" thick
      • Rapid positioning button
      • Angle locking mechanism


      • Effective Cutting Length: 500 mm
      • Diagonal Cut: 350mm/35cm/14"
      • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 20mm/2cm
      • Weight: 7.2 kg

      Replacement Wheels:  SIG 14A & SIG 14T  Available on this site 

      If you would like to discuss this saw further or explore other options outside this scope then please do speak with a Member of the AccurA Team, who’ll be happy to give you expert advice, please call 016105055 or email

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