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Premium Wet Diamond Core - Turbo Segmented 13mm 450mm L  ½” BSP (M) Thread

Male Thread (From 42mm to 200mm )

Please be advised; Some Diameters can have a waiting time for manufacture up to 10 working days as  ½” BSP is not as popular as 1¼” UNC

Applications: Hard Concrete, Medium Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Poured and Shuttered Concrete with Hard aggregate. Cast and Hollow Core, Brick and Block including Engineer Block and Brick

These are our Premium Level Diamond Core Bits which are unbeatable against all premium core bits supplied by others. The value is in the Diamond Concentration and precious metal bond, the quality of the diamond and the generous height of 13mm set in a Turbo Segment.

Some companies offer a 10mm Segment height or an 8mm segment height but in reality the Diamond may only be at the top of first 6/7mm leaving resulting in the core wearing extra quick near its end of life.  AccurA Diamond believe in offering true value transparency, by giving the user exactly as he has requested.

The WDCP TSC Core Bits are 450mm effective length but can be extended with adjoining extension bars for drilling with a ½” BSP Male thread to suit specific core drills such as EIBENSTOCK/BAEIR/MAKITA/DEWALT/ M.ILWAUKEE. These are not for use on SDS or any other Driil types other than a  Professional Diamond Core Drill with IP Rated Water Feed and Rotary action supported by a Slipped Clutch System for safety.

Some Hilti Drills require an Adaptor please see our Adaptors to allow use of our core bits and other core bits on this site under adaptors.

For any assistance or further information please contact a member of the AccurA Diamond Experts Team on 01 610 5055 or email

*Also Available in 1¼” UNC (F) Female Thread Fitting find on this site.

*For a bespoke Diameter and Length- Longer or shorter please contact the AccurA Team as this is a special order.




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