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DDK5 5 Pc Dry Diamond Kit- UK Sheffield Steel

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€295.00 - €295.00
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This is a Plumbers Favourite Value Set. 

Save 25% and receive a free gift of AccuDrill 6/8mm Hollow Wet Drilling System

That is a double saving amounting to €100 - now that is value!

 We have the largest selection of Dry Diamond Core Bits for Block and Brick including Engineering Brick and some poured concretes.

These cores are standard lengths 150mm. Extension bars are also available in various lengths but one is supplied in this neat case.. Tool fixture is ½ “ BSP (F) fitting. We have a full range of adaptors so our core bits can be compatible with your SDS Plus, SDS Max, Hex, Chuck, or Hilti Drill.

The ultimate in the accuracy of cut and cleanliness of breakout

  • Our Dry Diamond Core Drills offer a quick, clean and economical way to drill soft abrasive materials such as standard facing bricks and concrete building blocks.
  • Dust Relief Slots help the dust escape and not become trapped in between the barrel and material which will improve performance
  • 130mm Throat is designed for deep core drilling, with the ability to core through a standard brick in one action – no need to stop and break out the core
  • Designed with the optimum segment configuration as the segments sit in balance with the body and give relief internally and externally. This results in smoother and more accurate cutting and helps material core removal
  • Laser welded segments create a stronger bond between tip and barrel resulting in increased core durability in extreme drilling conditions
  • Industry segment heights can be as low as 7mm whereas Armeg Dry Diamond Cores are designed with 9mm segments to increase product life.
  • Designed with a high concentration of diamond grit within the segment structure, allowing the Cores to be used on ‘rotary only’ for cleaner exit holes, improved performance, and product life  

Dry Diamond Core Drills can be used in: 

  • General concrete
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Limestone
  • Ideally suited to lightweight building materials, ordinary facing brickwork and block-work up to 10n/mm2  

This Case includes all this which if purchased individually would amount to €475.00 Ex V.A.T

42 / 52 / 65 / 117 / 127mm Cores

SDS Plus to 1/2" BSP Adaptor,
Hexagon to 1/2" BSP Adaptor,
200mm 1/2" BSP extension,
400mm masonry pilot drill,
225mm A-Taper Guide Rod,
Extractor Drift Key

If you would like to discuss this Package Kit further or explore other options outside this scope then please do speak with a Member of the AccurA Team, who’ll be happy to give you expert advice, please call 01 610 5055 or email

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