DH-ADS Asphalt Drop Segment Blade


  • Product Description

      Specially designed deep drawn segments protect the core blade and increase the blade life.  Optimal price/performance ratio.  10 mm laser-welded segments. For dry and wet cutting.  Machines with an engine power: up to Ø 600 mm up to 15 kW, from Ø 700 mm up to 30 kW.


      Abrasive material like asphalt, soft limestone, soft fire clay bricks, aerated concrete, partly green concrete and screed

      Available in 300mm - 350mm - 400mm - 450mm

      To order the correct size note that 20 = Consaw and 25 = Roadsaw

      Note:  Blades up to 700mm available on request

      Any queries or assistance don't hesitate to call the AccurA Team on 01 6105055 or email info@AccurA.ie 


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