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DH4009 Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Cup (Star-shaped)

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Specifications:  Specifically, designed vacuum brazed grinding cup with a long tool life.  Star shaped for; optimal dust removal due to a very big extraction capacity, very fast grinding progress, grinding close to the edge.  Also usable for the removal of coatings and colours on metal.

Applications: concrete, granite, glue and colour coatings.

Part No

Grinding Cup

Ø Cup mm

Ø Hole mm

Height mm

DH4009 125 S





AB = for abrasive materials, C= for concrete, granite  

For the use in angle grinders and concrete grinders

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) A polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a high-quality culling material and is used for the stone, wood, plastic and for non-ferrous machining. The PCD is made of different-sized diamond crystals by a sinter process. Thus, the PCD is extremely hard and wear resistant. It is ideal for removing coatings of all kinds.

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