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ACC-RIP0300/20 Ripper Segmented Premium (Tungsten Segments)

Original price €139.00 - Original price €255.00
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€139.00 - €255.00
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High Quality Ripper Blade. Segmented Premium Tungsten Carbide Segments comprised of rugged barbed High Grade Carbide clusters laser welded in Bidirectional Sequence to a laser etched detenso core for a silent cut in most materials a traditional diamond blade can't and shouldn't be used for cutting.


Applications: Tree roots through soil, Railway sleepers, Decking, Timber fence posts, Chipboard, polypropylene plastic, Wavin,General plastics & rubber including Rubber Playgrounfd Composites and AstroTurf surfaces. , Thin metal sheets 5mm, Tyres, Wood board and planks , Fence posts and Railway Sleepers. Even though rugged gives a smooth even very fast cut with surprisingly finish.


This blade is ideal for Landscapers and Agriculture,due to its versatile cutting applications, it has also been used and praised by Emergency Departments as a resce blade to give immediate access to damaged vehicles or structures which won't open due to damage to access and free occupants also can be used wet or with foam when dampening fires. Demolition contractors and general builders find this blade a very useful tool also for small tight Demolition works.


This blade has an excellent shelf life offering years of service opposed to traditional carbon blades which have a short shelf life. This blade can be used wet or dry but must be rotated every seven minutes approx  to keep the barbs from dulling.


Must read accompanying safety leaflet as this blade can cause serious injury if met with human contact when in operation. Disc cutters must be in excellent working condition with very tight belt to ensure efficiency and safety when using this versatile blade. 

If you'd like to discuss this blade further please contact us  01 61050555.



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