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Husqvarna DS150 - Light Core Drill Stand 60mm Collar

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Husqvarna DS 150- Light Core Drill Stand 60mm Collar

Husqvarna DS 150  is the lightest drill stands the Husqvarna drill stand family, the DS 150 is a versatile and lightweight drill stand. It has a combined base plate for vacuum or anchoring. The collar on the carriage fits with Husqvarna’s smaller drill motors and other Makes with a 60mm collar. The stand has a practical handle with a soft grip, which makes it easy and comfortable to transport

Features Husqvarna DS 150 n Being light and compact, the stand is easy to transport and install.

Fast setup with the integrated vacuum base, with no need for anchoring or clamping.

Equipped with guide rollers for stable and accurate drilling as well as cleaner and straighter holes.  The back support is clamped to the column with a patented rigid solution, for stable drilling. n All adjusting screws on base plate, carriage and back support can be adjusted with the supplied feeding handle.

The stand has a jacking screw on the top for easy clamping of the stand.

The base plate can also be used as a vacuum plate.


Max drill bit diameter 150 mm/ 6 inch

Travel length 495 mm/ 19 inch

Suitable for DM 230 / Other Makes with 60mm Collar

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