ICS FORCE4 Diamond Chains 63cm


  • Product Description

      FORCE4 Series chains are the strongest, longest-lasting diamond chain ever made.

      FORCE4 diamond chains are available in five configurations to meet most concrete cutting challenges.

      FORCE4 has been proven to have 1.5 times the tensile strength of standard chains.

      Features & Benefits

      • Strongest, most durable patented chain design
      • Laser welded diamond segments
      • Contains SealPro® O-ring technology for longer life
      • Designed for heavy, professional use
      • Available for hydraulic and gas-powered saws


      ICS 525345 FORCE4-40, 63cm Chain
      ICS 525346 FORCE4-40, Premium L 63cm Chain
      ICS 531737 FORCE4-40, Premium S 63cm Chain
      ICS 525347 FORCE4-40, Abrasive 63cm Chain
      ICS 599884 FORCE4-80, Cross-LINK 63cm Chain
      ICS 605399 FORCE4-40 Sandwich Segment 63cm Chain
      ICS 598283 FORCE4-40 Hard Aggregate (Texas) Edition 63cm Chain
      ICS 571506 FORCE4-40 Premium S wide kerf (9.52mm) 63cm Chain

      Genuine ICS® replacement parts 

      For more information contact a member of the AccurA team on 01 6105055 or email info@accura.ie

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