Imer Combi 250VA-1000 Wetsaw 110v


  • Product Description

      The Combi 250 VA cuts a maximum length of 1000mm and comes with a 250mm continuous diamond blade and a folding stand so it can be used on a bench or with the stand for ease of use. It also has 2 wheels for ease of movement when on a larger area to be tiled. The electric water pump keeps the blade cooled and also dust is eliminated by this method. It also has a laser site for making a clear line along the full length of the bed. For a quality cut even on large tiles: 300×600 mm, 900×900 mm and over. It offers high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut. Cuts (90°) vertically to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45° (depth adjustment is maintained in all positions). Side cutting surface optional to extend cutting, maintaining stability, due to a bracket bolted onto the stand. Optional Diamond blade to cut masonry can be supplied if required.


      Technical Data


      Blade/bore diameter Ø mm: 250/25.4

      Cutting length mm: 1000/1100 longitudinal/with plunging blade 2 passes

      Cutting depth 1 pass: 66mm

      Cutting depth 2 passes: 105mm

      Cutting surface dimensions: 500 x 1115mm

      Motor power 110V/50HZ/absorption: 1.1/15.4 kW/A

      Motor speed: 2800 rpm

      Water pump: IP 67, flow rate 13 1/min

      Water recovery tray capacity: I40

      Machine dimensions: 636/1420/619mm

      Machine weight: 53kgs

      Stand weight: 24kgs

      SPL in operator’s position: dB(A) 86

      Breaks down into 3 parts for easy transport

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