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About the Unicut 610
The ride-on floor saw is the first choice for the most demanding projects in road construction, renovation, demolition and repair work. The performance and reliability of the high-performance diesel floor saw is unmatched when cutting asphalt and concrete, cutting fresh concrete and making separating cuts in asphalt and concrete. The hydraulic wastewater suction ensures a clean result during the cutting work.

Features and Benefits

  • Multifunctional joystick for extremely simple operation
  • Optimized hydraulic circuit for improved power transmission to the saw blade
  • Electro-hydraulically controlled drive motor and saw blade speed for ideal saw blade cutting speed on various applications
  • With the optional all-wheel drive, the power is optimally distributed to the 4 wheels and provides propulsion. When going around corners, the four-wheel drive switches off automatically based on the steering angle.
  • Shortened wheelbase – smaller turning circle
  • Optimal weight distribution due to low center of gravity
  • Large fuel tank for reduced downtime
  • Quick changeover from left to right-hand cutting – can be pivoted by 180°
  • Large, non-marking drive wheels
  • Stepless hydraulic height adjustment of the blade guard, independent of saw motor
  • Saw motor with saw blade and blade guard can be moved sideways by 100 or 200 mm
  • In addition, the height of the slide box can be adjusted by 150 mm.
  • Compact and user friendly design, suitable for pushed cuts as well as pulled cuts
  • Adjustable seating position
  • All settings are controlled via the display on the centrally located operating panel
  • Easy access for routine maintenance work (air filter, battery, oil and fuel filter)

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