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Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS!
Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS!

PRE CB Pre Cut Blade (ICS starter Blade) 6mm T

Original price €219.00 - Original price €315.00
Original price
€219.00 - €315.00
Current price €219.00

This blade is designed to be used in conjunction with a concrete Chainsaw.  Offering speed of cut required to speed up the overall cutting time whilst saving costs on chains.  This special 6mm thick segment offers the exact width to follow with a concrete chain.  This is a more efficient and economical way of cutting and achieving the most from this power tool marriage. 

Keeping within the very important safety parameters, by not inserting a concrete chain into a narrower slot than the chain. 

Available in 300mm, 350mm, 400mm all with 20mm centres for Stihl Saws and 25.4 for larger Husqvarna K900 range upwards.

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