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Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS!

Probst rubber hammer GH-ERGO

by Probst
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Now with extra long handle for ergonomic working.

  • The GH-ERGO is equipped with two different rubber elements. One side is equipped with a rectangular, slightly bevelled profile. This way the rubber profile hits the stone flat without the user having to stand too close to the edge of the stone layer. On the second side, the profile is tapered, this enables an accurate strike, e.g. into the grooves of H-stones.

Features and Benefits:

  • The extension of the hammer handle from the previous 800 mm to 1000 mm (31½ to 39½ inch) enables an ergonomically upright posture and thus fatigue-free working.
  • By using special butyl rubber elements, wrists and elbows are now also protected. The unpleasant springing back when striking is completely eliminated by the damping without reducing the striking power.
  • A further helpful feature is the plastic protective disk. This allows height corrections of individual paving stones or slabs that are too high to be made by tapping them on the face without damaging the stone surfaces.

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