Raimondi Berta -Sponge Grout Machine 110v RAI BER SGT


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      Sponge Grouting Machine

      The Raimondi Berta ADV Electrosponge machine is ideal for cleaning cement- or epoxy resin-based grout from all types of floors including terracotta, porcelain, double- and single-fired tiles, marble, clinker, porphyry, natural stone, quarry, treated etc. It won’t pull grout from joints and, because of its easy handling, is suitable for use even in the smallest areas.

      The moisture level in the sponge is adjustable via a pressure lever, which can also adjust the front wheels. The sponge is fed from an easy-to-remove impact resistant plastic water tank by a foam-reducing belt, so there’s no pump to clog up. The roller can easily be replaced thanks to the magnetic “quick clutch” system.

      The handle folds down for easy storage and transport and is fully adjustable for height and angle to ensure ergonomic user operation. The die-cast aluminium body reduces weight while increasing overall strength.

      Power:                     110v Electric/120 Kw

      Bucket Capacity:     15 Litres

      Weight:                    37 kg

      Replacement Sponges

      Raimondi replacement Sponge Rollers for use with the Berta ADV Sponge Machine to clean cement based grouts. Diameter is 295mm and width is 400mm.

      Avana (brown for cement based grout)

      Sweepex (soft yellow with high absorption for cement based grout) 

      Cellulosa (dense yellow for epoxy resin based grout) 

      If you would like to discuss this machine further or explore other options outside this scope then please do speak with a Member of the AccurA Team, who’ll be happy to give you expert advice, please call 01 610 5055 or email info@AccurA.ie


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