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  • Protessional cordless vibrator designed to vibrate large format tiles in order to expel
  • the air from underneath the slab avoiding air pockets, so to obtain the pertect
    annesive coverdee,
  • Extremely effective also for the perfect bonding of uncoupling and waterproofing membrane sheaths;
  • Battery powered: no more cords getting in the way;
  • The battery provides abundant autonomy: within 150 and 200 m2 (1,600 - 2,100 sq. ft.) vibrated surface on a single charge. The battery has a very long life: more than 100.000 m2 (1 million sq. ft.) before the performance (of the battery) starts to decrease;
  • 21×41 cm (8 1/4"x 16 1/8*) vibrating area, ideal for vibrating large format slabs with maximum speed and effectiveness. The vibrating area can be quickly reduced to 15×15 cm (6" x6*) to vibrate smaller surfaces and / or small tiles like steps, planks, columns;
  • Ideal to be used both on wall and floor thanks to its extremely low weight: 5,8 Kg (12.8
    Ibs) with 24×41 cm (8 1/4"x 16 1/8") vibrating plate; 3,1 Kg (6.8 lbs) with 15×15 cm (6* x6*) vibrating plate;
  • PVC vibrating area (plates) provide low friction onto slab surface, ensuring a low user fatigue
    and, thanks to its rigidity, they transfer to the slab/sheaths the entire vibrating force;
  • The high frequency vibrations guarantee maximum efficiency by minimizing mechanical stress to the tile/slab, even in critical situations (for instance a low thickness slab with large cutopenings, ( shaped cutouts or multiple round holes);
  • 3 handles: two externals for two-hands use and one central for one-hand use;
  • High vibration frequency (motor Rpm: 3.500);
    Motor: 15V direct current, battery power 38.5 Wh;
  • Supplied with a protective padded bag (provided with both handles and shoulder belt)
  • ideal for both transport and storage.

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