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All prices include V.A.T.
All prices include V.A.T.

Rubi DX-350 N 1300 110v

by Rubi
Original price €3,013.50 - Original price €3,013.50
Original price
€3,013.50 - €3,013.50
Current price €3,013.50

The DX-350 N LASER&LEVEL is an electric cutting machine with a moving head, equipped with a chopping effect, which offers the construction professional total cutting versatility.

It is ideal for cutting all types of ceramic tiles and construction materials such as; marble, granite, bricks, facing, refractory, etc.

The DX-350 N has a sliding motor assembly on bearings of maximum precision and reliability that favors obtaining perfect finishes. The aluminum structure of the RUBI DX-350 N LASER&LEVEL is lighter and offers high resistance to the usual working conditions in construction.

Thanks to the protector that incorporates the cutting head, the DX-350 N electric cutters and miter saws can mount discs of all types; continuous band, turbo, segmented, etc. The DX-350 N can work with both 300 and 350 mm diameter discs (not included), in this way the professional can choose and opt for the most comfortable and viable solution for him.

The retractable leg system offers extra protection during transport and storage of the electric cutter and miter saw. As well as its built-in wheels, it facilitates manipulation and movement, over short distances, within the same work. Maintenance of the DX-350 N electric cutters and miter saws is minimal, thanks to the aluminum chassis, and daily cleaning is very practical and comfortable due to its removable tables and tray.

The DX-350 N LASER&LEVEL incorporates a laser marker with 2 mW power (class 2) that facilitates visibility and cutting positioning, as well as a bubble level system for installing the electric cutter and miter saw at the work point. .

Available in two models: 1000 and 1300, with cutting lengths of 118.5 and 148.5 cm respectively.

At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile installers and it is vital for us to have a fluid and constant communication channel with them. That is why we have all the necessary tools to be able to offer professionals in the sector an innovative product capable of providing solutions to their daily needs during work.


Power supply
110V-50 Hz.
Revolutions per minute
Cutting length
Cut length with saw effect
Diagonal cutting length
Maximum cutting thickness - 1 stroke or 2 strokes
105 / 220mm
Mitre Thickness cut
Wall chaser effect

Inside diameter
Outside diameter
Length Width Height (machine overall dimensions)
Net weight without packaging

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