Rubi TC125 Portable Rail Circular Stone/Tile Cutter 110v/220v


Rubi TC125 110 SAW,
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      Wet & Dry Portable Rail Circular Stone/Tile Cutter 110v/220v

      Smooth and precise, circular cutter, ideal for ceramic sheets.

      Suitable for use with natural and sintered stone, for cutting all types of ceramic sheets and tiles. Especially suitable for large tiles.

      Dry and Wet cutting

      Compatible with blades 125mm or 115mm diameter.

      Equipped with a carbon steel slide on adjustable stainless steel bearings.

      Double dust reduction/control system.

      Dry and Wet cutting.

      Height adjustable cutting head, hinged from 0° to 45°.

      Additional Bi-Material handle, mainly for mitre cuts.

      Direct connection to AS-30 PRO vacuum cleaner (32mm Diameter). Includes adapter for other models and brands (37, 42 and 50mm Diameter).

      Tilting side guard for mitre cuts, reducing water splashing and improves dust suction.


      The kit includes:

      1 x TC-125 Circular cutter

      3 x Slim cutter guides of 110cm, each. (It is necessary to use these guides for proper functioning of the TC-125).

      2 x Fixing suction cups.

      2 x Clamps for additional fixing of the slim guide.

      1 x TCR 125 Diamond blade for dry cutting (Compatible with wet cutting) of porcelain software (The TCR Disc is not suitable for 45° cutting)


      Cutting Length: 320cm

      Cutting Height: 20-25mm

      Mitre Height: 14-18mm

      1250W Power

      13800 RPM


      Please select carefully from the four variants available 

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