SDS Max Flat Chisel 360/500 Length


  • Product Description

      SDS Max Point Flat Chisel Length 360mm and 500mm

      G360MXC SDS Max Flat Chisel Width 25mm / Length 360mm

      G500MXC SDS Max Flat Chisel Width 25mm / Length 500mm

      Quality forgings and precision machining combine to provide durable SDS Max Chisels with proven performance standards. Our chisels can be used in most masonry materials and are ideal for many applications including demolition, breakthrough work and stripping plaster.

      • Ideal for general chiselling work for use on a wide range of masonry materials 

      Can be used in

      • Heavy duty concrete
      • General concrete
      • Hard bricks
      • Soft bricks
      • Lightweight blocks
      • Natural stone
      • Constructional granite
      • Limestone
      • Mortar


      All our Chisels fit mainstream professional power tool brands and most own brand DIY market tools.

      Did you know?

      SDS = Slotted Drive System was invented by Bosch in 1975.  There are two Standard Sizes - Plus and Max

      SDS-Max is more common for larger Rotary Hammers and Demolition Hammers, and common sizes start at 13mm diameter up to 44mm diameter.  Standard lengths are 300 to 530mm.  There are many different use Chisels available to suit specific tasks


      Talk to a member of the AccurA team on our SDS range we have available on 01-6105055 or email

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