SDS Plus 80mm Tile Removing Chisel 185mm Long


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      SDS Plus G805DSTR 80mm Tile Removing Chisel 

      Width 80/6mm - Length 185mm

      Whether it’s a general purpose chisel or an application specific tool required, our diverse range has chiselling with an SDS Plus machine covered.

      Our innovation chisels include problem solving designs such as the cranked shaft Channelling Chisels which rapidly produce channels in masonry. The popular SDS Plus Scutch Comb Chisels are great for masonry dressing whilst the Carbide Tipped Raking Chisel is designed with a solid tungsten carbide strip insert for the ultimate performance in material removal.

      • deal for rapidly removing tiles and plaster
      • The cranked shaft chisel is purpose designed to allow a rapid tile lifting action without 'dragging' the machine along the floor.
      • User comfort is enhanced and avoids hours of labour intensive manual chiselling to remove tiles and plaster 
      • Designed for use in SDS Plus machines with roto-stop facility

      Can be used in

      • Heavy duty concrete
      • General concrete
      • Hard bricks
      • Soft bricks
      • Lightweight block
      • Natural stone
      • Constructional granite
      • Limestone
      • Mortar 

      All our Chisels fit mainstream professional power tool brands and most own brand DIY market tools.

      Did you know?

      SDS = Slotted Drive System was invented by Bosch in 1975.  There are two Standard Sizes - Plus and Max

      SDS-Plus is the most common by count of tools manufactured, with masonry drills from 4 mm diameter to 30 mm diameter readily available.   The shortest SDS-plus masonry drill bits are about 110 mm overall length, and the longest is 1500 mm.  There are many different use for the Chisels and AccurA carries the full range. 


      Talk to a member of the AccurA team on our SDS range we have available on 01-6105055 or email

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