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The BEF 200 Multiplane range of products are strong and reliable with modern, clean lines which will appeal to the image conscious company. Close attention to detail has resulted in an efficient machine with optimum weight distribution ensuring a high work rate. Every component is carefully designed and field tested for strength and durability.

The BEF 200 Multiplane range is safe and simple to operate with no exposed moving parts. Each machine is supplied with a comprehensive operating and maintenance manual containing all the information needed to ensure that the BEF 200 always performs to its full potential.

200mm (8″) working width

110,230v,400v 3-phase, gasoline/petrol, diesel and air powered versions

Rigid, compact design


  • 50mm dust extraction port
  • Dust free when operated with SPE 316 vacuum
  • Large diameter wheels for excellent mobility and stability
  • Monocoque construction is rigid, strong and accurate
  • Screw type raise and lower control
  • Firm engine mounting plate
  • Front wheels protected from debris

Typical Applications

  • Cleaning and Texturing concrete and asphalt
  • Removal of paint, rust, grease, ice deposits, line markings, and concrete laitance
  • Concrete reduction and scabbling
  • Removal of roof chippings
  • Grooving applications
  • Cleaning concrete formwork and shuttering
  • Non-slip finishes
  • Removal of concrete and plaster droppings





Part Number

BEF 200N-1

Power Output

3hp / 22kW



Cutter Head Speed

1738 RPM


900mm (39”)

Width (body)

375mm (15”)

Width (incl. handle)

429mm (16”)


942mm (37”)


62kg (137lbs)

Working Width

200mm (7.9”)

Working Distance from Wall

60mm (2.4”)

Motor RPM

2870 RPM


 Accessories available

For more information contact the AccurA Team on 01 6105055 or email

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