TSC Turbo Swirl Cup Disc - Concrete Grinding


  • Product Description

      This 180mm concrete grinding turbo swirl cup disc is designed for aggressively removing stock concrete, bumps, residue of cementuous adhesive and for making good bleeding in concrete from form work. 

      Very popular with floor preparation.  Widely used by concrete finishing specialists.  It's turbo swirl shaped segment and multiple cooling holes assist with dust removal. 

      We recommend using on a dedicated handheld grinder with dust shrouds in connection with an industrial vacuum H-Rated/M-Rated. 

      For any queries please call the AccurA Team on 01 6105055 or email info@accura.ie

       Recommended Grinder

      AGP SM7 High Endurance Concrete Grinder


      * 180mm is maximum diameter that should be used on a 230mm/9 inch angle grinder

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