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All prices include V.A.T.
All prices include V.A.T.

Tungsten Carbide Core Bits- Hollow-Solid Breakthrough 55mm-150mm SDS MAX 400mm L

Original price €239.85 - Original price €387.45
Original price
€239.85 - €387.45
Current price €293.97

TC Drilling Solutions

Brick, Block & Soft / Medium Concrete Poured Walls

Complete Bit with Shaft and Pilot/Centre Bit

Tungsten Carbide Core Bits (TC) does not possess the hardness of diamond and as such has a limited range of application. TC core bits are more traditional way core drilling has been carried out by Plumbers and Bathroom Renovation Companies due to drill choice for several applications in one. TC Core Drilling can be a cost effective means of drilling through softer material where finish isn’t as fussy. These are used Rotary Hammer on an SDS Max Powered Drill. Complete with Fused SDS MAX 400mm Long shaft and pilot/centre bit.

Favoured by Plumbing and Bathroom Renovation Companies

Perfect for durability & reliability in the toughest concrete and masonry materials

TC Drilling Solutions

  • Tapered drive design system provides an easy connection system to adaptors, extensions and pilots. Supports the ability to switch machines, core diameters, lengths etc to exactly match user requirements
  • Scrolled flute rapidly removes trapped spoil allowing the core to consistently drill fresh material for faster speeds and extended life. Reduces the need to regularly remove the drill whilst drilling
  • 4mm thick heavy duty wall manufactured from solid steel stock which provides the perfect balance between durability and speed
  • Chisel action tungsten carbide teeth are designed to rapidly progress through the toughest masonry materials
  • Purpose designed solid flat tooth angle allows the teeth to rapidly rip away masonry for fast drilling speeds 

Professional Heavy Duty Cores can be used in:

  • Heavy duty concrete
  • General concrete
  • Hard bricks
  • Soft bricks
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Constructional granite
  • Limestone  


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