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All prices include V.A.T.
All prices include V.A.T.

Husqvarna K7000/3600 425mm Ringsaw Blade, Arrayed Diamond Technology.

by Accura
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425mm Blade with Guide Roller for use on Husqvarna K7000 giving 325m depth of cut.

Concrete, Reibforced Concrete, Stone, Hard/Medium Concrete Materials

This ringsaw blade has Arrayed Diamond/ Pattern Diamond Technology, this is the latest process of spacing the diamond within the metal matrix/bond evenly, this enhances speed and life of conventional diamond bond structures. This gives greater consistency  and efficiency in cutting,  particularly on very hard concrete, sometimes reinforced with steel rebar and natural stone elements, generally associated with the need for deep cutting.

Ringsaw Blades are designed for use in Ringsaws giving a much deeper cut than traditional disc cutters.  Husqvarna have great choice in depth and platforms, offering Petrol, Electric and Hydraulic options giving plenty of choice to suit your cutting parameters and environments. 

We supply other diameter Ring Saw Blades gor use on other makes and models.

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