Safety When Wet Cutting

Posted on June 28 2018

Safety When Wet Cutting

Safety When Wet Cutting

Here are some tips to be aware of when you are wet cutting 


  1. DO ensure adequate water supply to both sides of the blade
  2. DO ensure that the blade cuts parallel to the wheel axis
  3. DO follow manufacturers recommended pulley sizes and recommended speeds for specific blade diameters
  4. DO tighten drive belts to ensure full available power
  5. DO use drive pin fitted to the machine


  1. DONT force blade on blade shaft or mount blade on undersized spindle
  2. DONT use paper washers to pack out the clamp plates
  3. DONT force the machine so that the blade rides up out of the cut
  4. DONT operate machine with damaged or open blade guard

The above are guidelines. 


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